Welcome To The Belonging Calendar™

 A Global Calendar of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Events That Helps Companies Build A Culture of Belonging


To Build A Culture of Belonging, Awareness & Understanding Are Essential

Of all business tools, the calendar is used most when companies first start building a culture of belonging

The Belonging Calendar™ is an essential starting place because it:

  • Gives employees exposure to a vast array of celebrations,

  • Allows diverse perspectives to be seen,

  • Integrates seamlessly to build awareness and inclusion,

  • Outlines 365 days of the year. 

Every Organization is DIFFERENT which means…

  • Employees FIRST want awareness & understanding about events that are relevant to those who work at the company,

  • They want their diverse perspectives to be seen,

  • They want an easy solution to build awareness and inclusion, without being singled out.

What We Need From YOU…

1. Go Through The Full Belonging Calendar™
2. Select 2 Events Per Month That Have Meaning To You & You’d Like To See Awareness For
3. Enter Your Event Selections Into The Form Below

Use Your Phone To Scan The QR Code Below To Enter Your Preferences

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