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We help you thrive despite imperfect conditions, change or crisis with Validated & Proven Neuroscience Based Workplace Methods & Metrics.


We Focus On One Main Principle: 

And That Principle Is Woven Throughout Our 3 Areas Of Expertise

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Leverage Belonging Intelligence

The Result… 

You Have Real Tools That Support Your People &  Generates Organizational Change That’s Sustainable

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Listen To What Our Clients Say:

Noticeable Change 

Like a lot of Not-For-Profit Organizations, there are often social challenges and organizational challenges that conflict.  Our people were struggling to work cohesively so that we could reach goals.  We were siloed at best.  Andrea worked initially with our leadership team, helped us create a joint vision and implement standard operating procedures that made sense for all of us.  Then supported us through the neuroscience of pressure so we could look at how we could behave more efficient, collaborative and adopt a people first focus.  It resulted in a major Government grant that we likely wouldn’t have secured otherwise.

S. Fendley

COO, Not-For-Profit

A Leader Others Follow

I have always wanted to be known as a great leader.  When I was promoted to the executive team the transition was tough. I felt like all eyes were on me and I began to behave differently, thinking I had to be “perfect”, “composed” and make all the decisions fast. 

I misunderstood how the pressure to perform was actually making me under perform in my new role.

Learning from Andrea, how to show up for my people so they show up for me, has converted me from a leader who was met with resistance into one with a team of supporters.

S. Franks

Head Of People

Through Crisis We Became Stronger

I have never seen this happen in all of my years in HR.  Andrea when crisis hit, everything started to unravel.  We didn’t understand how one small thing broke us… but we also didn’t understand the power of our people back then.  While crisis isn’t easy, your support allowed us to become stronger together.  You put us through the paces, brought us back to being human and transformed how we work together.  

This work has changed why I show up for my work.

A. Richards

Head Of Human Resources

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