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The 5 Key Indicators Must Be Present For Belonging In The Workplace© To Be Experienced

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Effective & Efficient Team

Our team grew exponentially over COVID, but while we saw growth, we didn’t have systems and structures to sustain our growth with equitable and fair practices.

The result – turnover became our biggest issue and we couldn’t maintain our sales.

Using the data from the Belonging in the Workplace© we were able to understand our weakness, but focus in on our strengths. This gave us fast, continuous momentum to recover. 

We’ve systematized our processes and procedures and now all of our employees understand how to leverage belonging in the workplace so we succeed collectively. Brilliant turnaround in a short period of time. Thrilled with our results!

S. Foster

VP Sales

Sense Of Accomplishment

The pandemic has been really hard on a lot of organizations and ours is the same. Our employees were on burnout and stopped working collaboratively. It created silos and mistakes started adding up.

After discovering our Belonging in The Workplace© data we uncovered the main area of focus. Using a three-pronged approach (leadership, HR, and EDIB committee) we changed our company culture to a place where everyone belongs. 

This provides a daily sense of accomplishment and has empowered our employees with the empathy and accountability required for a workplace that thrives.

R. Grant

VP Human Resources

Tremendous Transformation

We thought because our sales were steady through the pandemic that we had an engaged workforce.

When we implemented the Belonging In the Workplace© instrument to measure our belonging metrics we discovered that our scores were much lower than we had predicted. 

As the pandemic let up, the cracks started to show and we lost many valuable employees. While the data predicted this, we were “sure” this was not a problem for us. 

A year ago we were in a total state of panic. Today, by using and implementing the methodology based on the data we’ve stabilized our employee turnover and have an engaged workforce. This resulted in a positive growth year and a very fast rebound.

L. Harrow

Director Of Marketing

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