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For over 18 years, we’ve curated proprietary content to deliver training based on the most current scientific research about human behaviour, potential and performance.  Pressure and emotional reason are the common threads that impact a person’s ability to do great work.  Our unique perspective is that when you take care of your people, they will take care of you.  To do this, you have to provide learning and development that is relevant, easily actionable and produces a desired outcome. 

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To produce great work, achieve and succeed, you need to know why you’re doing something.  Yet, most people don’t know why they get defensive or why that last situation brought them to a breaking point.  Neuroscience explains human behaviour and decision making, so you understand the why behind performance.

Human Behaviour

The most basic human need is acceptance.  When people feel accepted, supported and valued, their behaviour shifts into high performance and peak potential. Very few people understand how to bring out the best in themselves and those around them, but when you understand the basics of human behaviour you show up differently.

People Power

If people aren’t looking out for the community, the benefits of a community erode.  Many organizations have star employees, but few have a culture that produces great people as a rule, not an exception.  We’ll help you create people power as a rule.

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Your Session Was A Complete Hit

Andrea your keynote on the Neuroscience of Human Capital was the attendees favorite!  It was very well received & recorded as “most valuable” of the day. We look forward to having you speak on Women Under Pressure and Navigating Change, Challenge or Crisis – your work is so relatable and easy to action!

N. Ahmed

Senior Conference Producer, Key Media

Highest Viewed Ever & So Compelling

Your neuroscience content is so relatable & compelling.  By far, still the most viewed in our learning & development library.  You are the most requested consultant across our organization. On a personal note, I was extremely happy to learn about the pressure levers that help leaders navigate crisis efficiently.  While I pride myself on doing good work, I strive to also support my team. 

S. Franks

Head Of People

Massive Organizational Change 

Our leaders now have reliable pressure levers to do great work, despite the fluid challenges we’re experiencing.  Understanding why we react, rather than respond, was crucial for our team to get through the crisis. We’ve come together as a community now and support each other.  Because of these changes we’ve been able to get results faster, produce great work and meet targets.  This couldn’t have happened without you!

A. Richards

Head Of Human Resources

Andrea Carter Consulting

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